Monday, March 9, 2009

February Bird Banding + Griffith Park

I'm far behind. These pictures are from our session two weeks ago. It was kind of slow; we only had 28 birds.
One of them is this gorgeous warbler - the Common Yellowthroat. I know I've had pictures of him before, but I never get tired of his Lone Ranger look.
Here is a California Thrasher's tail. Its tail gets very beat up because they spend a lot of time in scrubby bushes.
Here I am with a male Spotted Towhee.
And here is a Hermit Thrush. They have one of the loveliest songs. I hear them when I work in Yosemite. This one is migrating north.
Wildflowers were starting to come out. Lupine.
And, some yellow flowers near Net 08.

I went on a hike in Griffith Park a week ago and wildflowers were out there, too, in the recent fire areas.

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